Literacy and Nutrition

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Literacy is a survival skill. This is particularly apparent when considering the impact of literacy on personal health. LCNV learner Alemtschay takes care of herself and her family by cooking healthy food, something she is able to do thanks to her newfound English literacy. Alemtschay checks nutrition labels and reads about caloric content to ensure that her family always eats healthy meals. This newfound interest in food stems from Alemtschay’s LCNV English teacher and class, where she learned how to read and evaluate nutrition labels in English.

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“My name is Alemtschay and when I started this class I didn’t speak English very well. I speak English with my family, friends, and neighbors. I get good training from my teacher who helps me to buy healthy food. I choose food according to how many calories it contains, how much fat, whether it is low in fat and sodium, and what the expiration date is.

I want to keep learning English as much as I can. In the future when I complete school, I want to work in a government office.

Lastly, Mr. Stan is a very good teacher and I am very proud of him because he teaches me well and helps me to improve my English. Thanks for everything you do for me.”