“I am Determined”

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LCNV learner Giovanna came to the United States from Italy with some knowledge of English, but needed help to improve her speaking and reading. As an avid reader, Giovanna wanted to read more books and eventually join a book club in the United States, but first she needed to master the English language. Giovanna started taking classes with LCNV, and through her regular attendance and dedication to studying is able to meet new people and read more using her newfound English.

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“Learning English was my first thought when I moved from Italy. I knew English a little, but I wanted to speak it better. My daughter decided to find a school for me. She said that it is important to have guidance from teachers and meet other students. She helped me overcome my initial fears. I am happy that she did.

I read English books and magazines daily because I am determined to improve my language skills. My objective is to speak and write English without making mistakes. When I started attending school, I promised myself to study every day. I was able to keep my promise.

Improving my English has helped me in many ways; I communicate more with my son-in-law and I am closer to him. I met my neighbors and some new friends. I wish to continue to improve so that I can build deeper relationships. I also want to understand the American culture better. Because I love reading, I would like to become part of a book club, and have conversations with other avid readers. Thank you from my heart, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, for helping me improve my life.”