“If I need a job, I need to know English.”

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In the midst of the holiday season, each of us begins to consider what we’d like to do in the next year. For some, travelling is on the agenda, while for others, getting healthy or advancing in a career is important. Regardless of your plans for 2019, knowing English makes these goals far easier to attain. LCNV learner Berthe writes in her essay, “If I need a job, I need to know English”. She also discusses the importance of knowing English in other aspects of her life.

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“Learning English is making me interact with American people. Shopping is easier. If I am sick, I go to the hospital and I need English to explain my problem. When I go to a restaurant, I can read the menu. If I want to go to another state on vacation, I need to use a map to teach me the place [that] we go. Sometimes I need to change money at the bank. If I need a job, I need to know English.”