Antonio’s Story

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English can help people achieve their dreams in the United States. LCNV learner Antonio is able to communicate better with his colleagues, speak with his neighbors, and help his daughter in school, all thanks to his decision and love of learning English. Read his story below, and don’t forget that February 9 is your last chance to sign up for upcoming LCNV English classes! Call 703-237-0866 for more information.

“I am Antonio. I am from El Salvador. My language is Spanish. I speak English with my daughter. I got this American visa to fly to the USA. I arrived 18 years ago. I decided to speak English when all the people in my job speak English. All the time I love to speak English. I know I am practicing more on my words with my friends. We don’t have anything similar except for a few words. The difficulty for me is learning because I speak a little more. Now I can speak and can ask anything I want. I am looking for work. It is easier for me to fill out applications and I can speak with my neighbors in the community and in the school. For example, I can ask something about my daughter. I can get my driver’s license. For my future, I want to keep on with English class. I would like to speak excellent English because I want to get my American citizenship. I would like to live here in the USA all my life and maybe get a government job. We are living in the USA. English is important because English is the language all persons speak in the USA. I recommend learning English because you get a better job if you speak English. We can help friends, family and sons and wife with English. Life would be better and all would be happy.”