“The Language of Science”

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LCNV’s learners come from many different academic and professional backgrounds; they are architects and poets; salespeople and scientists. LCNV learner Akbal had a 30-year career in his home country, where he spoke Arabic. When he came to the United States, he knew he had to learn English to continue his professional and personal pursuits. Now, Akbal is learning English to stay on the cutting edge of science and technology, to develop new relationships in his community, and even to watch his favorite English-language films without subtitles! Read Akbal’s story here:

“When I was in school in my country and when they taught us English, I found it [was] a very beautiful language. I like it very much. For ten years at school there were very good teachers. After my graduation from college I got a job but in Arabic so I stopped learning English for 30 years.

When I arrived in the US in 2013, I found difficulties because I couldn’t speak English well like when I went to the doctor, or the supermarket, or going to my son’s school if there was a problem with him. So I decided to learn English again to help myself live and have contact with people, and because it is the language of film which I like so much and I [don’t] want to rely on subtitles. It is the language of science so it helps me to teach my son and it helps me with technology.

The most important thing is I began to understand what doctors say about my health. The English language is commonly used so when I travel to any country I can speak with people in English.”