Narmen’s Story

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Nearly 14% of Northern Virginia households can be considered linguistically isolated. LCNV’s focus on teaching English language literacy together with practical life skills helps learners break through that isolation and anxiety. LCNV learner Narmen writes about this in her essay, where she explains how learning English with LCNV has given her the confidence to navigate life, from communicating with her doctor to accessing the area’s transit options.

If you would like to help your neighbors break out of linguistic isolation, consider volunteering with LCNV. Visit for more information.

“Learning English improves my life. It helps me if I go to the doctor to feel [better]. Before I was nervous all the time because I couldn’t speak English. Now I am so happy. I talk to my friends and my neighbors. I can watch TV. I can understand and I can read stories in the books. If I need to travel now, it is easy for me. I can read my travel times. I can ask someone about everything I need.”