“My Daughter Cried Because I Could Not Help Her”

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Every parent wants to see their child succeed in school. In fact, research shows that students tend to earn higher grades, have better attendance, are more motivated and less likely to drop out when their families are involved in their education. For LCNV learner Erica, not knowing English hindered her ability to fully engage in her daughter’s academic success. Erica writes, “I do not go to meetings at my daughter’s school because of shame and fear of not knowing how to speak English. One day, my daughter cried because I could not help her or be present at the awards of her school.”

Erica is working on learning the English language through classes with LCNV. “Now that I am studying,” she says. “I am convinced that I will be able to speak English well without fear of being wrong so I can help my daughter with everything and be able to work on what I like…The love of my daughter is what drives me to continue studying and I know that I will achieve it and fulfill my goals.”

School children may be approaching summer break, but LCNV has many learning opportunities for adults this summer. Classes are starting soon! There is still time to sign-up until May 29 – don’t miss your chance to spend summer learning English!

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