“I Thank Her Infinitely for All Her Help.”

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When Candida, who is originally from Nicaragua,came to Virginia, she did not know how to speak English.She credits the support of her social worker and LCNV’s financial aid options for making learning English possible. She is most grateful for the experiences gained, encouragement received, and people she met throughout her process of finding her feet in Virginia. In her essay, Candida expresses her gratitude for all the people who helped her to make Virginia her home.

“I came to Virginia on vacation and I stayed. Here I found very nice people who helped me to get ahead. My social worker, who is a very good person, told me to study English. I told her I was very old and she answered that there is no age limit to study. It was then that I entered this class with a scholarship because I could not pay for it. My social worker’s name is Martha Fizsemon – I thank her infinitely for all her help. I have a lot of love, respect, gratitude and admiration for her.
This course gave me the opportunity to meet my three teachers who I love very much and I want to thank them for their intense desire that we learn this beautiful language. I have also been pleased to meet my colleagues of various nationalities who are very good people and I have grown fond of them. Thank you Mrs. Kathy, Sharon, and Maryanne, for giving us your knowledge.”

Candida’s gratitude resonates with the whole team at LCNV. It is with thanks to generous donations that LCNV was able to provide 200 scholarships to learners like Candida last year. The gifts of your time and treasures help bring new opportunities into our learners’ lives. Thank you for making a difference!