Qandi’s Story

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Today we want to share a piece written by Qandi. It is brief and beautifully real and poetic. From the short lines, we can almost see her sitting there, thinking, writing in a language that used to be (and in many ways still is) foreign to her, telling the story of her life – a story that gently resonates with the nostalgic feelings that live within all of us.

“Hello, my name is Qandi. I’m from Afghanistan. I have five children. I have been married for 23 years. I am a housewife and I have never worked outside the home. I could not study when I was a child because of the war in Afghanistan. Today, for the first time, when I start to draw, I feel very happy and for a second I get to remember my childhood.”

It is stories like these that remind us of the promise of adult language education, and make all of us at LCNV proud to be able to offer such opportunities to the most beginning-level learners who have come to call the U.S. “home”. To help LCNV support our learners like Qandi, volunteer or make a donation today.

Featured image: An LCNV Family Learning Class engaging in a Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) Activity