Maryam: “I want to write about how learning English has helped me.”

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At LCNV we come across English learners with a variety of backgrounds. Interacting with them is one of the most exciting parts of our jobs – by talking to them, we are inspired, encouraged, and educated on a daily basis. Maryam is one of these unique students. In her essay, Maryam provides us a lens to see changes happened in her life after learning English. Her words not only show us the perseverance of a dedicated learner, but they also reveal a strong woman, a caring mother, and a person with a gorgeous spirit. Enjoy her essay below:

“My name is Maryam. I want to write about how learning English has helped me. When I came to the U.S., it was very difficult for me to go anywhere. Always I went with my husband or my sons. I could not drive because I didn’t understand the GPS. It was very difficult. I was afraid I would get lost because I didn’t know anywhere or anyone. I could barely speak with people.

But now, I can write and read much better. I can talk to others in little conversations. I can talk to my lovely teachers. They teach very well and have a lot of patience with students. I can read and understand the utility bills. I can even go shopping alone now! I can go to restaurants with my friends. I can talk about the culture of my country to my classmates or learn about my classmates’ culture. I learn what special clothing they wear, what their celebrations are, etc. I learn the weather in their hometowns. Now I can talk to my daughter-in-law who only speaks English. I want to learn more English for my near future because I want to eventually help women who can’t speak English.”

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