“Thanks to LCNV for giving me such a good opportunity to study.”

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Happy back-to-school season! This week, LCNV started our registration process for fall classes. As we welcome new and familiar learners to our classes, we would like to share Jin Feng’s journey as an LCNV learner with you:

I have been studying English for three years. Before learning English, I just spoke very common words. When I learned more English, I started using new words and making good sentences.

By learning English, my life is better and I am more confident, both in life and at work. Because I am living in the United States, learning English is very important wherever you go because you need to communicate with people. Examples: making doctor’s appointments, reading children’s teacher’s emails, making bank deposits and shopping and so on. You must communicate in English. By learning English, I feel more relaxed in my life, I make more friends, and I can communicate with my friends by text so we can practice English with each other.

By learning English, last year I successfully passed the exam for American citizenship and I got a customer service certificate.

Although I am not very fluent in English, I will continue to learn to improve myself. Thanks to LCNV for giving me such a good opportunity to study.


Would you like to learn or improve your English this year? Do you know somebody who wants to learn English? LCNV has beginning-level classes throughout Northern Virginia – visit our website and enroll with LCNV this fall. View our Fall Schedule here and attend one of our many sign-up opportunities, beginning Monday, August 26, through Thursday, September 12.