“When I was back home I heard so many things about the United States.”

English Empowerment Center Student Story

This week, we would like to share Dagnachew’s words on what America means to him and his experiences living here in this community. From his interactions with classmates, we can truly see how learning English is helping people with different backgrounds and languages to connect with each other, and how our students are benefiting from this diversified community.

“When I was back home I heard so many things about the United States. Like America is for everyone and is the land of opportunity and I confirmed that I saw it in practice.

Since taking English class, I have improved my skill of communication with other people. As we know, that when we learn English in the classroom, we are talking to each other with our classmates. We come from every corner of the world. So we have different languages and accents. Due to this, there was a minor problem to understand each other. This class is very helpful for our daily life in the United States. Finally I would like to express my appreciation for our teachers: Margaret, Laura, Krista, and Wendy.”

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