“It is very important when I can speak with and understand other people.”

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LCNV learner Norma knows the importance for her to learn English. Norma used to feel frustrated when communicating with people during work or shopping, and needed a translator when she went to the doctors. However, when Norma joined LCNV’s classes, she felt her life take on changes – changes that make her feel “confident and happy”. Read her story below to find out how English changed Norma’s life.

“I like to learn English because it is very important. I can speak with other people and I can find a better job. By learning English, when I go to work or go shopping, I feel more relaxed. I don’t feel frustrated. When I go out and have to ask people for something, I can communicate better. The best part is when I go to see the doctor with my kids, I don’t need translators. Learning English makes me feel more confident and happy. Since talking English classes, I have been able to understand my children, watch English movies, and have helped my children do their homework.

I hope to continue with my classes [with LCNV] because it is very important when I can speak with and understand other people.”

At LCNV, we believe that English is a survival skill for a person to live freely in this country and fully participate in the community. If you believe in our mission and would like to help us make a bigger impact, vote for us for the Catalogue of Philanthropy Changemakers’ Choice Award here and help more people know about us!