“I definitely have the desire and willingness to share everything I leaned”

English Empowerment Center Student Story

Language barrier is one of the most formidable difficulties met by people who come to settle down in the United States. Sometimes, even simple interactions might seem like daunting feats due to the lack of language skills. That’s why learning English and becoming proficient in it can sometimes be a change maker for many individuals and families. This week, we would like to share Sylvia’s essay with you. It is inspirational to see her strong will in improving English and actively using it to share her life with family and friends (and that helps her to improve too!).

“During the different studies in English classes and institutes, I recognize that I have had good teachers and excellent friends. I have learned the meaning of many words in English. However, I need to learn more about the grammatical structure of the language, and to educate my ear to the language. Therefore, I am focusing on developing the skills [in my] courses and [viewing] films and other materials.

I definitely have the desire and willingness to share everything I leaned from a basic level with the different people in my community and in all social, professional and family activities.

My goal is to learn English, tailored to my time and possibilities. I would love nothing more when the day comes when I master the English language which will help me develop myself personally and professionally.”

By teaching English language literacy together with practical life skills, LCNV helps learners to improve as well as break through barriers and anxiety. If you believe in our cause, support us by volunteering with us or make a donation today!