“I must improve my English and finish my University.”

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Our understanding of literacy today encompasses much more than the language ability to read and write. According to UNESCO, literacy is further defined as skills enabling access to knowledge and information in specific contexts, such as technological, health, information, media, visual, and scientific. As a survival skill, literacy is important in many aspects of life. In Fatima’s story, when she first came to the United States, the difficulty she faced was not only due to her language incompetence, but are also due to her lack of knowledge in a greater, social level:

“I came to the United States on February 11, 2016. When I arrived, I was faced with lots of problems such as purchasing food, going to the supermarket, and speaking with people. Also, I didn’t know how to take a taxi, bus or Uber. It was very tough for me.

I didn’t have credit cards. I couldn’t buy anything on credit. After a few months, one of my neighbors told me about credit cards and I went to Bank of America to open a credit card for myself.

I tried to go to the park but the park was very far from our house so I couldn’t go. In addition, it was difficult to ask anyone how to get there because my English was not good.

In conclusion, from the day I arrived in the United States until now, I have problems. I must improve my English and finish my University. Thanks.”

When a student comes to us and say “I want to learn English”, we understand that they are not only wanting to know the correct grammar and phrases to make sentences, but are also looking for the proper channel to communicate a certain message. That’s why during our English classes, we are integrating many other aspects into the teaching process, such as cultural knowledges, career education, and computer skills. By teaching English language literacy together with practical life skills, LCNV helps learners to improve rapidly and become self-dependent. If you believe in our cause, support us by volunteering with us or make a donation today