Vladimir’s Story: the Importance of Family Literacy

English Empowerment Center Student Story

Happy Family Literacy Month! National Family Literacy Month is an annual designation observed in November. As the first blog post of the month, we would like to share with you Vladimir’s experience reading with his family. After taking English classes with us, Vladimir found pleasure in reading and it becomes an important activity between him and his grandchildren:

“By learning English I can read books for children. I have read three books about pirates, the Beatles, and how a boy broke Stalin’s nose. Sometimes I read books to my grandchildren. For example, I’m reading them the book ‘The Diary of the Weakling’.

Since taking English class, I have communicated with my neighbors about some problems and about the weather. I found new friends.

By learning English, I can be more involved with my family, neighbors, and community, and have more communication with people.

I like my teachers: Valerie and Chris. They always help me to improve my English.”

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, “children whose parents have low literacy levels have a 72% chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves”. Research shows that family provision of literacy experiences may be the single strongest long-term predictor of children’s achievement on tests of important reading skills. Journal of Family Psychology further indicates that reducing the difference of English fluency between generations is important to increase positive family interactions, preserve parent authority, and establish a support network for the child’s future success.

With LCNV’s Family Learning Programs, we are reducing the gap between parents with low English proficiency and their children by teaching parents English, encourage reading as a family activity, and providing Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) at least twice a month. By teaching English literacy skills to families, LCNV helps non-English speaking families interact and form a closer relationship with their children. If you believe in our cause, support us by volunteering with us or make a donation today.