Gaaley’s Story

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Every day, we teach hundreds of students at LCNV – all with their unique background and stories. However, all these students come to our classes for one reason, to learn English – so that they can improve their lives, and become self-dependent. English literacy is an integral skill to survive and strive in this country, it is crucial to the lives of all our learners. Gaaley is one of our students – from a conflicting background, she came to the United States to have a life of safety and freedom. Read her story below:

“When I first came to America in 2003, my country was not [safe]. I was hungry. There was no food. It could have killed me. I went through Libya and Ethiopia. I went to Kenya for four years. I went to Saudi Arabia. Then I came to America.

In America I am very happy. It is good. … By learning English, I can now buy groceries at the Giant Supermarket. I can talk to the doctor. I can manage my medicines, diabetes, and health. I can visit my children.”

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