Hong’s Diligence

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Hong is one of our many diligent students. Starting to learn in a later stage in life, Hong found English to be very difficult at first. However, nothing can stop her – with her hard work, her English improved day by day. At LCNV, we are thrilled to see her growth.

“English helps me with a lot of things in my life. It is the great key that can open every door that makes my life easier. When I am at my job, I can talk to my customers and understand what they want. When I go out alone, I can see my doctor, make new friends and learn many traditions in the world. I can also pay my own bills and solve problems by myself.

I know learning English will be very, very hard for me and I am an older woman and very busy, but I try hard to study English every day. I will be happy when my English is better. I can also write letters to [LCNV] and to my teachers who helped me so much. THANKS FOR HELPING ME.”

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