“English will help you, so you should learn English any time you can.”

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For non-English speakers, learning English can give them the keys to educational and economic opportunities. Read Nora’s article and see how improving English has helped her to be more confident and independent:

“English helps me have a good life. When I moved to the USA, all things were new. Language was the biggest barrier for me. I couldn’t get a driver’s license. I couldn’t read my bills. I couldn’t see a doctor. I was afraid to see my children’s teacher. I was better after I took an English class with LCNV at James Lee Community Center. Teachers are enthusiastic to help me. Now I feel independent to do everything. I can talk to my son’s teacher. I can go to the bank by myself. I can talk to classmates and neighbors. I like to travel and I can take my family and travel. Generally, my life is [better with English]. English connects the world together. That is why we have a lot of friends in other countries and we need to learn English. There is nothing better than when you can do things by yourself. English will help you do that so you should learn English any time you can.”

Every year, LCNV supports around 1,500 students from more than 90 countries to learn English and better participate in the community. If you believe in our cause, support us by volunteering with us or making a donation today.