“Now I Can Find My Way to Wherever I Want to Go”

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Joanne tells us about her experience learning English at LCNV. Throughout her first year in the United States, she could not understand the road signs. However, after being a student at LCNV and with her English improved, she can now find her way while driving without the fear of getting lost:

“By learning English, I can find my way while driving. It’s been almost a year since I came to the United States, but I haven’t noticed the names on the signs. After I started the basic English class, I became confident. Now I can drive and find my way to where I want to go. I can talk to my children in English at home also. Of course, I can speak very basic sentences, but I feel great when they say I’m good. I didn’t think learning English would be as interesting as this.

“I hope I can learn more from now on and find a job. It is not easy to live in America but by learning English, I think I am getting more confident.”

Living in America is not easy for Joanne, but by learning English, she is now getting more confident to go anywhere and meet new people. At LCNV, we support more than 1,500 students like Joanne every year. If you believe in our cause, support us by volunteering with us or making a donation today.