Sun Expresses Gratitude towards Enthusiastic Tutors

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Being inspired by enthusiastic, friendly and smiling instructors, our student, Sun wants to convey her gratitude to his teachers. Since the first day as a student at LCNV, Sun has been absorbing very positive vibes through the ways her instructors taught:

“I’d like to write to express my thanks. I enjoyed Mrs. Annette and her associate, Mrs. Patricia’s classes.

They taught in a very friendly way, with enthusiasm and smiling all the time. I learned lots of the format, for example: the topic, topic sentence, support sentence and concluding sentence. I also learned time signals, some basic prepositions and use of places, etc.

I had a very happy time in class and am proud of myself. I don’t have enough time for studying but the decision to come to school was a good decision. I would really, really like to speak and write fluently. I hope I can come to school continuously to learn English. Most of all, I hope I do not forget what I learned in class. Again, thank you, Annette and Pat. I loved your class. Thank you again.”

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