By Taking Classes at LCNV, Phuong Improved her English

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Phuong is dedicated to learn English, as she knows that English proficiency is the backbone of realizing her dreams, and the first step establishing a life of self-sustainability and independence here in the US:

“I’m Phuong. I live in Lorton and learn English [with LCNV] at the [Lorton Senior] Center. I’m going to learn English because I want to talk and listen in English as well as everyone. I think English isn’t easy, but I need to establish life in the United States. Perhaps everyone living in the country needs the English language. If possible, I am trying to learn English. I want my friends to understand me when I speak, to pay my own bills, and to make my own calls for appointments. I plan to learn English better because I can get a better job, socialize with neighbors, and call when I have problems with bills.

Thank you to everyone who is teaching me so much.”

Due to their diligence, last year, LCNV’s learners realized potentials just like Phuong, including getting their first jobs, increasing involvement in their communities, and improving their technology skills. We are very proud of their growths.

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