Zainab: “I have the Best Teachers. They Help Me a Lot.”

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Having a good teacher is a critical part of language education. A good teacher helps you understand the materials better, improve faster, and feel encouraged and motivated throughout your learning process. At LCNV, we feel blessed whenever we hear our students say, “we have the best teachers!”. We are extremely thankful to our teachers who during these unconventional times,  keep performing their vital roles in supporting our students by providing the distance learning classes, resources, and instructions our students need. Zainab writes about his gratitude towards his teacher:


“Learning English helped me to learn the English alphabet and to write my name. My teachers helped me learn the English alphabet and to write my name in English. My teachers are teaching me so well…. I have the best teachers. They help me a lot. When I am getting confused by something, my teachers teach me. I am really happy.”


LCNV is supporting our community during the difficult times by providing online distance learning programs and one on one virtual conversation practices. If you believe in our cause and would like to help our community through these times, please consider volunteeringwith us or make a donation.