Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we want to have a big shout-out to all our Instructors! Every time  we hear about our students’ success, we know that it is not separable from our instructors’ effort, and deeply feel thankful for the time and all the heart dedicated by them. Just like what Jale wrote in her essay- she tributes all the changes English has brought into her life to the help and support of her teachers:

“By learning English I can speak better and I can write better. I can remember and think in English. Sometimes I watch TV or see a movie. I can go shopping. English helps me. At my daughter’s school, English helps me to speak with the teachers.

I can go to the doctor. English helps me. Sometime English helps me with a neighbor. Since taking English class I can talk with my classmates. Speaking English helps me read and understand an English book.

That is all because of my English class teachers. Thank you!”

At LCNV, we cannot thank our teachers enough. Since we have moved  our in-person classes to Distance Learning , Instructors have not only been teaching and helping our students to learn English ; but have  been helping each student individually set up the online learning platforms and preparing them for this unconventional time, ensuring disruption to students’ learning process is limited. If you believe in our cause and would like to support our community, please consider volunteering with us or making a donation.