“By learning English I can be Involved in My Community”

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Language barriers can be limiting for a person to maintain independence. It can also fuel feelings of insecurity and impact the development of social relations. With that in mind, LCNV’s English classes are not just aimed at teaching students the grammar and vocabulary they need, but also establishes class interactions with real life examples to prepare students for  actual interactions. For Santos, English has built a bridge connecting her with everyone around her– with the ability to speak English, she is now having additional interaction with her children and her community:

“I am Learning English. Now I can write, read, talk, and help my children in school and with homework. Learning to speak English is good for communication with everybody. I am learning English to get a driver’s license, and for my job.

By learning English I can be involved in my community, and to help other people at school, at church, and in my neighborhood.”

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