“My Life Has Become a New Idea”

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English opens doors to jobs, more learning opportunities, and accessibility; but most importantly, with the ability of speaking English, our students are able to communicate and become a more integral part of the community. From Junseok’s article, we can see his passion to learn about new cultures and his excitement of the connections English has brought him:

“My English class was [LCNV’s] beginning ESL class at the library. Through my encounter with ethnic people from more than 30 various countries; my life has become a new idea.

In addition, I became acquainted with the details of everything from the [LCNV] family that I need to live in America. As I walked in the park every day, I learned about the contents of various signboards, so I spread my thoughts and greeted many people. I met my neighbors and made friends, so I [became] confident in conversation. I learned a lot about the culture of my friends’ countries through dialogue.

Now, I will learn about a lot more cultures through conversation practice. I want to speak English well but I will need a lot of effort.”

At LCNV, we are dedicated in helping our students be involved in their community via the power of English literacy. If you believe in our cause, please consider volunteering with us or make a donation.