“English Opens a New World for Me”

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Bin has always been a very diligent student here at  LCNV. With a very positive and tenacious attitude, his English has improved steadily. Through learning English we are happy  that Bin is now  able to have more interaction in his neighborhood, and does not feel so secluded  anymore! Read Bin’s essay below:

“My name is Bin and I was 63 years old when I moved from China. I knew a little English but I could not understand a lot. My understanding was very poor so I could not make new friends and couldn’t do anything. I was feeling lonely. My wife and my daughter decided to find an English school for me. They said that it is important to have guidance from teachers and to meet other students.

I am grateful for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia and Ms. Valerie. She is my English teacher. By learning English, I can be involved in more conversations. I can state my opinions to my daughter, pay my own bills and make friends. Something I am very grateful for is my teachers and classmates who helped me overcome my initial fears, for making my English better, and for making my life feel happier.

I need to continue to learn English. English opens a new world for me. My plan is to continue studying at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. I need to continue to learn English, to write, read, and to practice conversation and to improve my socialization because I know English can change my life in the USA.”

At LCNV, we are dedicated in helping our students be involved in their community via the power of English literacy. If you believe in our cause, please consider volunteering with us or make a donation.