Way to Go, LCNV Community!

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Dear LCNV Community,
What a strange time the last few months have been! With the development of COVID-19, LCNV transformed all of our classes to online platforms and successfully completed our teaching and learning during the spring semester. As pleased as we have been by the effectiveness of this new teaching method, we are more touched by the dedication, devotion, and resilience stirred by the current situation from our staff, instructors, volunteers, and especially our students.
Since we cannot express our heartfelt thanks in person, we prepared the following videos to congratulate our students, say thank you to our instructors, and express our appreciation to all of LCNV’s volunteers and to everyone that supported our community in another successful school year!
Great Job, Students!
Words of congratulations and appreciation to our dedicated students, from Roopal Saran, LCNV’s Executive Director
Thank you, Teachers!
A heartfelt thank you message prepared by Xavier Muñoz, LCNV’s Associate Director of Teaching and Learning
We Love You, Volunteers!
A delightful message from Amy Tristan, LCNV’s Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
We have also prepared an album with fun moments captured in classrooms, conferences, and in the community in general: See the pictures!
All that is left to say is:
With most sincere gratitude and appreciation,