Insight from an LCNV Teacher: How LCNV Enhances Reading as a Family Activity

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Earlier this month we celebrated International Book Lovers’ Day on August 9, a day dedicated to reading and literature. In LCNV classrooms, teachers always put a strong emphasis on the importance of books and the habit of reading, as it is not only an integral part for literacy development, but also opens doors towards independent learning and enjoyment. Especially in our Family Learning Program (FLP) classrooms, we make a point to emphasize the significance of reading as a part of family education – for this month’s blogpost, we would like to share more with you about how LCNV tries to emphasis reading as a family activity from the aspect of one of our Family Learning Program Teachers, Elizabeth:

“As a teacher at LCNV Family Learning Program, I want our students to experience the warm welcome public librarians show every person who comes to their community library. Ever student can have a library card and use all the facilities the library has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can read. Babies can come to the library with their parents for play time and story time. Older children and adults can come to the library for computer class or to use the computers for their personal study. Members of the community can come to the library to be in a place to have some quiet time with themselves. Learners who attend the Crestwood Families Learning Program participate in a field trip to the Richard Byrd Library every semester because we want our students to experience the community library and to see it as a resource they can use to continue to work toward their personal goals.

Books and other resources at the library come in many varieties.  Some of our English learners need books with a lot of pictures in the beginning. Our community libraries are filled with such appropriate materials, and librarians are eager to help English learners find what they need.

In addition to visiting the Richard Byrd Library and obtaining library cards for all our students, we have a Classroom Library. Our Classroom Library provides students with books students can take home to share with their children and families, books which can help with English practice, and books for relaxation and fun. By borrowing and returning books in our Classroom Library, students get practice in using the library so that they become familiar with the process and can feel comfortable borrowing and returning materials in the community library as well.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.34.46 AM

Students holding their own “tiny books”

We also make our own books during class. Right from the beginning of class, even students who know only a few words of English can make tiny books.  Some students in our very beginning class choose to use one word and one illustration per page, using the words they know.  Others tell stories with complete sentences.  Student use what they know of the language.  The tiny book makes this a light-hearted educational activity.  The important thing is that everyone appreciates everyone else’s book and finds enjoyment in using the new language.  Students have much to talk about when they share their tiny books!”


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