My Teachers Really Helped Me During the Quarantine Order

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September 8th was declared international literacy day by UNESCO in 1996, to remind the public of the importance of literacy education for individuals and the society as a whole. This year, International Literacy Day focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” and we especially would like to address the stark disadvantages our community faces during this time and what we can do for them. According to United Nations, “during COVID-19, in many countries, adult literacy programs were absent in the initial education response plans, so most adult literacy programs that did exist were suspended, with just a few courses continuing virtually, through TV and radio, or in open air spaces.” However, at LCNV, thanks to the help, creativity, and contributions we have received from donors, volunteers, and teachers, we made it possible to keep adult literacy education going through this difficult time via virtual platforms, and to support dedicated learners like Chang:

“On an early Friday morning in March, I heard news about the stay at home order from the Virginia government until further notice. At that time, the medical workers and the government were fighting the coronavirus pandemic all over the world. Meanwhile, my company closed too. Also, I learned that my English class will not open at the library. I thought the library would reopen in about two or three weeks. But this is May 12th and it has not returned. Therefore, I have been staying home all day except grocery shopping. It is not easy, boring and sometimes depressing.

After around one week, Mr. Stan who is my English teacher texted us that he will continue teaching English at the Zoom meeting. That made me so happy and excited. Stan and the other teachers went above and beyond [what anybody] expected teaching ONLINE in this Spring term. At the end of my class, I took a test which was good. Now, I am used to speaking English more fluently with my colleagues and classmates who have different cultures.

Thank you Stan, Mike, Karlene and LCNV. They gave it their all to us during the pandemic. I hope you are all safe and will see you all at the library soon. Thank you.”

At LCNV, we are dedicated in helping our students become more involved in their community via the power of English literacy. If you believe in our cause, please consider volunteering with us or make a donation.