Write Something of Your Own!

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Every year, the English Empowerment Center asks students to write short essays to be published in our Annual Recognition Book and invites some to read their essays at our Annual Recognition Ceremony. Writing is a crucial part for English language learning, as well as connecting with oneself. While this day is Encourage a Young Writer Day, we would like to make a special push for our community of all ages to go and write something of their own. What makes you want to support the English Empowerment Center? How did you become a part of this unique community? Write and let us know!

For inspiration here is an essay written by English Empowerment Center student, Sabro:

“My name is Sabro and I am from Afghanistan. I came to this country on 11/2015. When I came to this country, I was lost, but I found my way on my own. I like this country because it gives you a lot of opportunities. I am very happy and lucky to be in this country and I am safe. I started going to English classes at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia [now English Empowerment Center]. Now my English is much better and I am very grateful to my teachers at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. I am learning English to support myself and have a good future. It’s very important to learn English for everyone if they want to be successful in life.”