We Love You, Teachers!

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At the English Empowerment Center, we are truly thankful for all our teachers. Especially through the pandemic, our teachers provided enormous support to the English Empowerment Center community. They are the lights that light up our students’ journey of English learning, and the backbone of our process that transformed our in-person classrooms to virtual ones. Because of their dedication, we were still able to teach, educate and support about 1,500 students “just like usual years“ despite of all the challenges this year held.

As today is Thank a Teacher Day, we would like to make this special shoutout to all our teachers for the dedicated work they have done with the English Empowerment Center’s learner Bano’s picture essay.

“We are studying the second level of English class every Tuesday and Thursday. [I] learned a lot from my English class, for example, I learned how to write a sentence. My teacher helped me a lot. They always try their best with me to teach me English and I really appreciate and love you all.”

Thank you, teachers! Enjoy this day dedicated to you!

The English Empowerment Center is dedicated to nurture a community where students and teachers are learning partners, but also mentors and friends. If you believe in our cause, please consider volunteering with us or making a donation.