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"Keep learning, and don’t give up! "
– LCNV Graduate, Meijun

How has LCNV Helped During the Pandemic?

"You light our paths through darkness."
- LCNV Student

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LCNV serves adult learners through multiple programs to best serve their needs based on their life goals.  LCNV offers Beginning English classes, Family Learning Programs (FLP), Skills-based classes, and Destination Workforce® classes. The classroom-based programs provide instruction in a workplace and life-skills context. FLP curriculum emphasizes the needs of parents with school-aged children, engaging families in activities that help parents develop their English and reinforce what their children are learning in school. Skills-based classes help fill learning gaps by focusing on single areas such as writing or conversation. Destination Workforce®, LCNV’s workplace program, offers classes in partnership with local businesses and organizations where English Language Learners can learn industry-specific vocabulary skills, workplace soft-skills, and earn credentials to help them advance in their careers. Destination Workforce® also offers classes for those interested in food service, hospitality, and/or customer service jobs. LCNV further provides personalized support with Supplemental Tutors to help LCNV learners with classwork and Student Advisors who are assigned to individual learners to provide guidance towards goals, next steps and transitions. LCNV also has a Facebook group for its alumni entitled “LCNV's Learner Network,” where current and former students and teachers can interact, share stories, and hear about opportunities to continue learning. Click here to learn more about our programs.

The mission of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) is to teach adults the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English so they can access employment and educational opportunities and more fully and equitably participate in the community.

A community empowered by the ability to read, write, speak, and understand English.

Learner-Focus: Keep our learners’ best interests in mind.
Respect: Treat all persons with dignity and embrace and celebrate one another’s differences and cultural backgrounds.
Innovation: Remain at the cutting edge of best practices and implement evidence-based programs that enhance learning.
Excellence: Strive to be the best at what we do.
Collaboration: Recognize that by working together, we can do more to achieve common goals.
Integrity: Be honest and sincere in all interactions.

During the Pandemic, 15 staff members worked with 534 trained volunteers and instructors who gave 17,500 hours of service.

 As the backbone of our programs and operations, volunteers provide firm support to LCNV by delivering instruction in the classroom, assisting with learner assessments, promoting LCNV in the community, and providing countless other essential services. LCNV held more than 10 trainings last year for more than 200 participants, including volunteers and other stakeholders. 

Interested in volunteering with us? Click here to find out more!



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