How do I Enroll? 

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Course Description

  • COVID-19: Four-part series from experts (CDC and WHO) in English, Spanish and French. More languages soon.
    • Session 1: How to Stay Safe during COVID-19
    • Session 2: Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19
    • Session 3: Breaking the Myths about COVID-19
    • Session 4: Managing Stress during COVID-19
  • English on the Go: Six levels (high beginner to advanced).
    • Level 1: Basic conversations, read & write for basic situations
    • Level 2: Everyday conversations, read & write more advanced phrases
    • Level 3: Near fluency for work and life
    • Level 4: Foundation for post-secondary academic English
    • Level 5: Near fluency for increasingly advanced topics
    • Level 6: Fluency, ready for college, management and more
      *Beginner levels offered in Spanish too.
  • Civics & Citizenship course

  • WorkReady(requires intermediate English proficiency): Key skills from applying for a job to communicating effectively at work.
    • Exploring Job Options & Opportunities
    • Starting a New Job
    • Communicating on the Job
    • Building Confidence
    • Time Management
    • Financial Planning
    • Goal Setting
    • Creative Problem Solving on the Job
    • Understanding Culture & Diversity
    • Work-Life Balance
  • Skill Builder: Reading, writing, social studies, and math skills.
    • Reading : phonics to 6th grade, English & Spanish literacy
    • Writing: basic to intermediate
    • Math for Life: addition, subtraction, multiplication & division
    • Social Studies: US history & reading of maps & graphs