Fall 2018 – Letter from the Director


One year has now passed since I was officially welcomed into the LCNV community as Executive Director! The year has flown by, with so many opportunities to meet our students and hear their English improve, work with staff to grow our programs, and discuss with supporters the reasons that they believe in LCNV. I feel so lucky to call LCNV home. As we welcome this new school year, the excitement new and returning students have for our fall classes is palpable. Registrations have received record-breaking numbers of students in several locations, and we are excited to learn and celebrate their stories throughout Northern Virginia. 

LCNV plays an important role in promoting adult literacy and adult education in Northern Virginia. Recently, I have had the pleasure of sharing information about our expanding Destination Workforce® program with local, state, and federal level elected officials. These officials have included Fairfax County Board Supervisor John Foust, Virginia Delegate Mark Keam, Congressman Don Beyer, and representatives from Congressman Gerry Connolly’s office, Supervisor McKay’s office, and Senator Kaine’s Regional Representative. Our elected officials are key to advancing the cause of English language literacy, and we are so grateful for their interest in how the lives of their constituents can be improved through education.

LCNV is also ringing in the new school year with a brand new website that offers new features and a fresh look! We are thrilled to use it as a tool to share information about our classes with students, and to motivate volunteers and partners to get more deeply involved with LCNV. Take a look around our new site, and be sure to share it with anyone interested in LCNV’s mission.

I am thrilled to announce new executive leadership within LCNV’s Board of Directors. Anupam Kumar is now the President of the Board, Jean Ku is Vice President, Carol Ashworth is Secretary, and Kyle Grieser is Treasurer. These individuals bring a diverse array of talents and perspectives to their respective positions, and I am honored to work alongside them to advance LCNV’s mission.

As always, I look forward to the start of our new semester and thank you for your ongoing support of adult literacy. 

Warmest Regards,
Roopal Mehta Saran

P.S. LCNV will host one final registration time for learners who were not able to attend previous registration events on September 29 from 3-6 PM at the James Lee Community Center. More information is available here.