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Spring semester class registration is now closed.

We have an open enrollment class located at Hollin Hall Senior Center in Alexandria; walk-ins are welcome. Click here for more information. En español.

Please check back in May for the summer class and registration schedule.

Course Offerings

Registration (including oral and/or written English proficiency tests) required for all courses.

Beginning-level English Classes

The English Empowerment Center’s Beginning-level English classes teach the foundational skills adult English language learners need to learn to speak, understand, read, and write English. Offered at several locations throughout the region, classes are held at least twice a week for two hour class sessions at three academic levels.

Family Learning Program

The English Empowerment Center’s Family Learning Program provides English language instruction classes for parents or caregivers, empowering them to be their child’s first teacher and engage in their children’s education. Children participate in reading and writing activities and receive guidance with their homework. Twice a month, children join the adult class for shared literacy activities.

Skills-based Classes

Skills-based courses delve deeper than English Empowerment Center Beginning-Level English classes, giving learners the option of focusing exclusively on the specific skills to expand competencies. Designed to bridge the transition to adult education and vocational opportunities beyond the English Empowerment Center, Skills-based courses feature shorter sessions and more intensive instruction.

Destination Workforce®

Destination Workforce® delivers career-specific language and literacy training to English language learners at the lowest literacy levels in Northern Virginia. The program teaches adults basic skills in language and literacy to improve their employability and empower them to participate more fully and confidently in the workplace. Some Destination Workforce® classes include industry credentialing, contact the English Empowerment Center for more information.


Please contact the English Empowerment Center at (703) 237-0866 or for more information.


Each year, the English Empowerment Center compiles this list of resources for use by our students and community members. We are pleased to share this resource with you: SNAPSHOT

Find information about:

  • Housing Services
  • School Programs
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Childcare
  • Food
  • Doctors and Healthcare
  • Crisis Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Transportation
  • Citizenship and Immigration
  • Job Opportunities
  • Other Resources

SNAPSHOT is updated yearly. If you are part of a public service that would like to be featured in SNAPSHOT, or need to update your listing, please contact

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