Pathways After the English Empowerment Center


       As we approach the end of another successful semester, we want to take a moment to reflect on the many accomplishments we've achieved together and share some exciting news about the pathways available to our learners after they graduate from our classes.

       At the English Empowerment Center, we take great pride in providing the foundation of English language education to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our classes provide English language education up to a sixth-grade level. For many, we are the first place they turn to as they embark on their journey to learn the language and integrate into the community. We understand the challenges our learners face, and that is why we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters growth and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

       As our learners complete their time with us, we want to emphasize the importance of continuing their education. English proficiency serves as a gateway to countless opportunities, both personal and professional. The English Empowerment Center offers free student advising services to our learners where they receive helpful resources, information, and advice on continuing their educational and career journey. We have curated a variety of resources to ensure our learners have access to continued learning opportunities. In our student advising sessions, an advisor will work with learners to find the resources and next steps that best fit their goals.

       After learners graduate from the English Empowerment Center Beginning English program, they are given a $50 voucher to use at Fairfax County Schools Adult and Community Education (ACE). The vouchers are meant to be used for their English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) courses. ACE's ESOL program continues beyond the 6th grade reading level and learners can easily transition from English Empowerment Center beginning English classes to intermediate English classes offered at ACE. For adult learners with high English language skills who are seeking higher education, we provide information on classes offered at Northern Virginia Community College.

       Some learners express that their interests lie in career development services such as improving their resume, practicing interview skills, and expanding their network. For these individuals, we connect them with services such as Virginia Career Works, Arlington Employment Center, and Upwardly Global. These organizations provide many growth opportunities and more ways to become connected within the community. This enables our learners to acquire practical skills and enter the job market with confidence, knowing they have the necessary qualifications.

       Additionally, many of our learners are interested in pursuing United States citizenship and seek educational resources to prepare. Depending on the learner’s location, we provide them information for Northern Virginia Family Services and Catholic Charities Immigration Services. We also search for relevant information on the website that can be helpful when studying to take the US citizenship test.

       Our Learner Network Facebook Group serves as a support system and provides opportunities for development and networking for current learners and alumni. We regularly post educational and personal growth opportunities to assist members in finding ways to continue their education and immerse themselves in the community. We also post local job and professional development opportunities for those seeking a new career. Join the English Empowerment Center Learner Network here.

       The English Empowerment Center is not just a place to learn but a community that believes in our learners’ potential and growth. As we continue to invest in growth opportunities for English language learners, we recognize our learner’s perseverance and dedication as they empower themselves through English language education and open new doors for their future.