Student Spotlight: Zenaida

If you have visited LCNV’s office in the past few months, you may have noticed a new volunteer helping with important administrative tasks. Not only is she a volunteer, but she is also an LCNV learner! Zenaida (pictured, right) is from Venezuela. She first came to LCNV in fall of 2018 hoping to learn English in order to communicate well with her family in the US, and also to speak with the many new people she has met since coming to the country.

“My favorite part of taking English classes with LCNV is the conversation class,” states Zenaida, referring to LCNV’s free conversation classes at the James Lee Community Center. Zenaida is eager to practice English in a variety of situations, which inspired her to volunteer with LCNV each day before her classes. In this role, Zenaida provides support services to LCNV’s staff, while practicing English with staff, prospective students, office visitors, and her classmates.

“Having her in the office doing volunteer work helps me benefit from her experience,” states Marizol Rojas, LCNV’s Executive Assistant. “[Zenaida] is always trying to inspire students to continue with their studies.” Zenaida worked as a teacher in Venezuela, and understands the importance of pursuing an education. Her perspective is that of a lifelong learner, as she takes any opportunity she can to improve her English.

Zenaida plans to continue taking classes with LCNV because “the courses with LCNV are excellent.” Thank you, Zenaida, for your time, talent, and hard work!