Thank You for Supporting Us During Unconventional Times!


Hello everyone, 

My name is Jennifer Galloway and I serve on the LCNV Board of Directors and Chair the Fund Development Committee. I hope you found "A Taste of Literacy: A Virtual Event During Unconventional Times” as uplifting and inspirational as I did. As we move forward in this unprecedented time, I believe we all need to be reminded of and hold onto what good there is in the world. 

At this time, I would like to thank all those who made this event possible: the incredible LCNV staff who transformed this event in just over two weeks; Vaishali and Sajida, Donna, Claire and Jaime for sharing their amazing stories; my fellow board members for their wonderful support; all our generous sponsors; and of course YOU! 

We are navigating uncharted waters; uncertain what tomorrow may bring. One thing I know is the demand for English language instruction and LCNV's services will be needed more than ever. As we transformed this event, the staff of LCNV are working tirelessly to transform its instructional delivery model to provide the very best in distance learning.  Many of us are parents and we know that the longer students go without instruction the less they retain. 

As a professional fundraiser I know that we are facing difficult times ahead.  However, with your support LCNV can continue to aid this most vulnerable population—those that understand little to no English. The ability of our neighbors to earn a living wage, care for their families, and become more active members of our community depends on their ability to read, write, speak and understand English. 

With English skills, adult learners can gain a foothold in the workforce, obtain better jobs, move on to higher-level learning and improve the status of their families. With English skills, adult learners can be more effective parents participating in their children’s education and social development.  With English skills, adult learners can gain U.S. citizenship and become actively engaged in our community. 

Will you please consider supporting this amazing organization by making a donation today! 

Thank you, please stay safe and I hope to see you next year in person over waffles. 

With gratitude, 

Jennifer Galloway 

LCNV Fund Development Chair