Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program for Education

You may qualify for a tax credit in Virginia!

All tax credits for Fiscal Year 2023 have been claimed. Please contact or call 703-237-0866 to inquire about Fiscal Year 2024.

The English Empowerment Center is an approved organization under the Virginia Department of Education’s Neighborhood Assistance Program, which means that individuals or married couples who donate a minimum of $500 to the English Empowerment Center in the form of cash or marketable securities during the tax year will receive 65 percent of the eligible donation as a tax credit on their Virginia State Taxes. Businesses that donate a minimum of $616 to the English Empowerment Center in cash, marketable securities, real estate, motor vehicles, merchandise, professional services, or facility rental/lease during the tax year will also receive 65 percent of the eligible donations as a tax credit on their Virginia State Taxes. Please note: Donations made via a trust account are considered businesses and must meet the $616 minimum.

The English Empowerment Center is awarded a limited number of tax credits that are available for FY2023, and those credits can be claimed by donors quickly. Donate online using our secure processing system or mail a check payable to "English Empowerment Center" along with the appropriate tax credit request form to 2855 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042. The Tax Credit Request form has been separated into two forms – one for Individual donors and one for Business donors. Please click on the appropriate link below. NEW: Forms must be submitted to the English Empowerment Center within 30 days of your donation. We only have a limited amount of credits to distribute. We will update this webpage when all of the credits have been claimed. We will need to receive your TCR form within 30 days of the date of your donation. You may also contact Joshua Gilmore, Development Coordinator, at 703-237-0866 x 112 or for more information.

The Neighborhood Assistance Program is administered by the Virginia Department of Education. A similar program has been in existence since 1981 with the Virginia Department of Social Services. The English Empowerment Center specially applied to be part of this program for the first time, starting on July 1, 2010, as a way to thank its loyal donors like you with a tax credit. The Neighborhood Assistance Program only accepts nonprofit organizations that provide scholastic instruction or assistance to low-income persons or eligible students with disabilities.

Tax Credit Request Form for INDIVIDUALS

Tax Credit Request form for BUSINESSES

*Determining the effect of making a donation to receive a tax credit against a donor’s tax liability is the sole responsibility of the donor. Before making a donation, or when tax-related questions occur, donors are encouraged to seek advice from a tax accountant or other tax advisor.