“I Have Improved”

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For newly arrived residents of the United States, learning English is a gateway to the outside world. LCNV learner Semainesh writes about this in her essay, stating that “communicating was always a struggle for me since I arrived in the United States.” Luckily for Semainesh and 1500 other learners every year, LCNV’s programs are easily accessible throughout Northern Virginia, giving speakers of other languages the opportunity to learn English. Semainesh’s story underscores the importance of learning English in ensuring that all residents can be engaged in their communities.

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“Learning English improved my life in many ways, now that I can communicate with the outside world easier, without struggling. Communicating was always a struggle for me since I arrived in the United States. As soon as I heard about this English program, I wanted to register as soon as possible. Thanks to Ms. Martin and Ms. Hill’s help I have improved a lot, especially in communicating.

One of the reasons I believe that learning English improved my life is because I noticed myself reading a lot which helped me in many ways, mostly while grocery shopping. Grocery shopping needs a lot of reading. English isn’t a big part where I came from, mostly everything is written in my native language. Attending English class helped me improve reading and even pronouncing words correctly.

Learning English improved my life because I struggled a lot understanding what people were saying to me in English and usually I would use my daughter to come and interpret for me. Learning English was one of the difficulties I faced because of the years that I haven’t been at school.

Thanks to the teachers, I improved a lot.”