“You Light Our Path of Darkness”

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“You light our path of darkness,” that’s one of our students’ words when the class was wishing the teacher and class aide “a Happy Teachers Day” for Teacher Appreciation Week. During this unconventional time, these words reflect the positive and necessary impact of LCNV’s work, which is truly meaningful to all of us. Sonia talks about how important LCNV’s English classes are for her:

“Classes with teacher Elizabeth are helping me grow with English… I hope to learn more.

Learning English, I can help my daughters with their homework and I also learn something new along with them. Education is very important for us. [It] helps us learn and grow and fins a good job for our family.”

LCNV is supporting our community during the difficult times by providing online distance learning programs and one on one conversation practices. If you believe in our cause and would like to help our community through these times, please consider volunteeringwith us or make a donation.