“This Situation Has Given Us a New Chance to Look at Things Differently”

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Marwa joined LCNV as a Beginning English student last year during the pandemic. After learning English with LCNV, she is now able to address her concerns and hopes in this newly acquired language. In the essay below, Marwa addresses issues that are unique to her and those who migrated to the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the vaccine is now starting to become available, we would like to share her essay as a flashback to the difficulties LCNV and our students have been through during the pandemic. We really went through a lot together! Read her essay below:

“The coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of people all over the world in a variety of ways. It has turned our lives upside down, desperate for a sense of normalcy. Even in our dreams we couldn’t have imagined ourselves confined in our homes, with no outings and ability to meet our friends and relatives. This pandemic has affected thousands of people who are either sick or have died, due to the spread of COVID-19. We are feeling helpless and vaccines are not yet available. The healthcare sector is just recommending for us to practice social distancing to avoid spreading the disease. This is a universal challenge which impacts the mental and physical situation of humans.

In addition to this, relocating to a new country itself is a big challenge for everyone. I have moved here during the COVID-19 outbreak, about four months ago. At first, we kept a strict quarantine. During the first months in quarantine, I started my English lessons online. I kept studying my English language. I made efforts to be productive due to quarantine days. I would have hoped to attend in person English classes. I have made new friends here. This way I could see more of the city, communicate with new people and become familiar with a new culture. One of the most important things we are concerned about is finding a job to support our family. During the lockdown period, closure of most workplaces, it’s not easy finding a job. Nevertheless, this situation has given us a new chance to look at things differently, and it has made us realize the value of everything – health, family, friends, food… I hope for god’s blessing on us and remove disease, inshallah.”

At LCNV, we are dedicated to helping our students become more involved in their community via the power of English literacy. On March 25th, LCNV will be holding our annual fundraising event, A Taste of Literacy, featuring stories from our learners sharing their victories and challenges as English language learners during a pandemic. Guests will be able to follow along at your own pace, as you receive videos and messages via email throughout the day. Join us!