Alexandria Cheers for Volunteers!

At the December 8th meeting of the Alexandria City Council, Mayor Justin Wilson and fellow council members expressed deep gratitude for all of the volunteers who have served this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Alexandria’s rich history and traditions have always included a vibrant community of volunteers,” said Mayor Wilson. “Since the onset of the pandemic in March, more than 3,400 volunteers have answered the call to perform selfless acts during this challenging time.” The Council issued a Proclamation honoring the service and dedication of volunteers. To hear the Proclamation from the City Council meeting, click HERE and go to the 1:32:00 mark.

Among those recognized were these LCNV volunteers: Kobi Carter, Stan Citron, Susan Clayman, Teresa Fralish, Karlene Gibson, Laurie Hayden, Julie Kehrli, Jack Reickel, Alan Steinberg, Laurie Tracy, and Mary Ann Wilson.

We echo the sentiment of the City Council and sincerely thank all of the volunteers who have served remotely or in person this year. We are humbled by your dedication to LCNV. Hats off to all of you!