Annual Recognition Ceremony 2023


       The English Empowerment Center held its Annual Recognition Ceremony 2023 on June 13th, and it was a great success. With a full house, the event was a time to celebrate the accomplishments of EEC learners, volunteers, and community partners. The evening was filled with inspiring stories, awards, and recognition of those who have made remarkable contributions to our mission.

       One of the highlights of the evening was the wonderful student essay spotlights by Reojin, Martha, and Rose. These learners bravely shared their personal experiences as immigrants and how their journey of learning English has shaped their lives. Their essays were a testament to the dedication and hard work of our learners, and a reminder of why we do what we do. It was a great experience for them to share their stories with the audience, and we are so proud of their achievements. You can see all of this years learner essays in our Annual Recognition Ceremony book here.

       We would like to extend our thanks to our volunteers and community partners who have supported us throughout the year. We presented our Community Partnership Awards to Accenture, Lorton Community Action Center, and the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation for their outstanding support this year. We also recognized our immensely valued Volunteers of the Year: Stan Citron, Jeanne Johnson, and Sarah Krisher. Our volunteers and community partners are deeply engaged in our mission, and it is truly heartwarming to witness the development of relationships between EEC volunteers and learners. These connections encourage learners to overcome language barriers, engage in the community, and increase their confidence when speaking to native English speakers. The generosity and commitment of our volunteers and community partners makes a significant impact for EEC and the lives of our learners.

       The Annual Recognition Ceremony also provided a great chance for learners in our virtual classes to meet their instructors and classmates for the first time. Our virtual learners appreciate the ease of online learning although many have discussed wanting to meet their instructors and fellow classmates; this was an opportunity for them to finally connect face-to-face and build these relationships. The event helped to build a sense of community and support among the learners, which is essential for language learning and further highlights the importance of community and the support that we can provide for each other.

       Overall, the Annual Recognition Ceremony 2023 was a memorable evening that celebrated the achievements of our learners, volunteers, and community partners. We are looking forward to continuing to see EEC learners empower themselves through education and continuing to build and celebrate our community of individuals so dedicated to providing English language education.

Click here to see the video coverage by Fairfax County Channel 16!

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