Free Conversation Class and Continued Learning Between Semesters


At the English Empowerment Center, we understand the great challenges of learning a new language and recognize the commitment of our learners in their English language journeys. While we offer our beginning English classes in the fall, spring, and summer, it can be difficult for learners to maintain all they have learned and to continue their learning during the weeks between class sessions. This is why we strive to provide quality resources for our learners to continue learning during those critical weeks.

We connect our students to different online learning platforms such as USA Learns. USA Learns is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide interactive lessons and practice exercises, helping learners enhance their language skills at their own pace. While online learning may be a great option for many learners, we also see the value of interactive, in-person learning.

The English Empowerment Center offers a free Conversation Class that takes place during each semester as well as between semesters to provide our learners with the opportunity to continue practicing their new language skills with fellow classmates and the support of EEC instructors. Whether students participate to practice their speaking skills or learn through listening, the Conversation Class provides a friendly and encouraging environment for continued learning. In addition to building English language skills and confidence, many learners have found the class to be a great place to further their connections within the community and learn about the different cultures of their classmates.

We cover a wide range of topics during our Conversation Class sessions, from everyday conversations to discussions about culture, current events, and more. The topic of discussion varies in each class and is often based on the interests or questions of the participants. Our goal is to ensure that our learners not only gain an English education but also the ability to engage meaningfully in English-speaking communities. EEC instructors facilitate these conversations, providing constructive feedback and fostering an environment where learners can express themselves freely. They are always ready to answer questions, clarify doubts, and provide the support needed for success.

The free Conversation Class this fall semester will begin on September 25th and end on December 11th. The class will take place on Mondays from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the James Lee Community Center (2855 Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA 22042). There is no registration required; walk-ins welcome.