Instructor Spotlight: Roshan Nawid


Roshan Nawid , originally from Afghanistan, moved to the United States in September of 2022 and soon found the English Empowerment Center. Roshan began learning English in 2008 and his English skills were too high for our classes. He was still interested in getting involved and finding ways to practice his English language skills. Initially starting as a class aide, his passion for education and exceptional teaching skills caught the attention of the English Empowerment Center staff. Before long, he advanced to the role of Lead Instructor.

Roshan’s passion for education began long before moving to the United States. Hee earned his first degree, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kabul Polytechnic University in Kabul, Afghanistan. He then pursued a Master of Arts in Architecture and Urban Planning in Historic Cities of Afghanistan from Technical Academician M.C.Osimi Government University in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Roshan received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Modern Architecture in Historic Cities from Sharda University in Delhi, India. Before the collapse of the Afghan government, Roshan was the Mayor of Khost and Senior Advisor, Minister of Urban Development in Afghanistan. Despite the challenges of conflict in his home country, his deep-rooted belief in the power of education to overcome barriers and transform lives has led him to where he is today.

Roshan’s educational background is truly reflected in his teaching. He first began teaching English to beginning-level learners in Afghanistan before coming to the United States. His experience attending school in many different countries allows him a great understanding of different learning and communication styles. Roshan shares that “It is important to first learn about your students and how they communicate… learning about the cultures and utilizing different learning styles would be essential for better teaching results.”

Roshan’s focus on student centered teaching has been greatly appreciated by the learners in his class. One of the highlights of Roshan’s teaching journey with EEC was when he had to miss a class due to an emergency and upon his return he was greeted by his students expressing how much they missed him and how much they enjoy learning from him in class. He enjoys teaching adults and being able to create a collaborative environment and build meaningful relationships with his class. Roshan encourages learners in his class by setting high academic expectations, providing constructive feedback, and building them up with positive reinforcement. He believes that being approachable, kind, and patient is the key to helping new English language learners in their academic journey.

With personal experience as an English language learner and United States immigrant, Roshan is able to not only be an incredible instructor, but is able to be an uplifting testament to the power of hard work and education and its ability to transform your life. Moving to a new country, with a different culture can be overwhelming for many immigrants, often feeling like you are starting your life all over. Roshan’s story is one of great success as he has worked to empower himself in his new life. Now Roshan works to inspire new English language learners as he understands how difficult it can be. His passion for education is never lost as he continues to advance his life in the community and advocates for others to follow in his footsteps.