Services for Afghan Refugees

Photo Courtesy of Gemunu Amarasinghe / AP Photo

When Dar Al-Hijrah, with whom we’ve had a long-standing partnership since 2017, informed us that they had 20 Afghan refugees ready for English classes, our fall semester was already underway. Rather than have them wait to join LCNV’s spring session, LCNV committed to offering impromptu virtual classes at no charge to these newly arrived residents. We are excited to have the opportunity to offer these new arrivals that speak little to no English the option to start their language acquisition immediately. These virtual classes are offered twice a week for two hours each, led by an LCNV trained instructor along with class aides and volunteers. In addition, LCNV started teaching a free virtual drop-in Conversation class as a supplemental service and students will be invited to enroll in Spring classes beginning in January 2022.

LCNV is recognized as a leader in distance learning, presenting at local and national educational conferences on our virtual teaching methods, many at the request of the Virginia Department of Education. In 2017, Alexandria City’s Workforce Development Center VIEW Program expressed an unmet need for intensive language and soft skills training for their most beginning-level TANF recipient clients (most who were recent immigrants from Afghanistan) who have little or no formal education and are largely unable to read and write in their native language(s). LCNV created an intensive course that offers 35 hours of training each week in partnership with Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center, an open mosque in Northern Virginia. This year, after receiving new funding from the Virginia Department of Social Services, we are now able to lend laptops out to students enrolled in our online Intensive program at no cost and incorporate computer literacy in this program. Click here to learn more about LCNV’s enhancements to our Intensive English and Work Readiness Program.

Adult language and literacy education is a key human service need for any newcomer to the area. With English skills, Afghan immigrants can be more effective parents participating in their children’s education and social development. With English skills, Afghan immigrants can actively contribute to the vibrancy of our communities. This spring, students will be invited to register for over 40 class offerings that will meet virtually or in-person at a variety of locations, times, and duration throughout Northern Virginia to help them continue their English language advancement.

Welcoming Afghan Families- Resources for Afghans

Below you will find resources to share with Afghans as well as events to learn more about Afghan newcomers and how best to offer support.