Summer 2019 – Introduction from the Executive Director

“My Voice Matters.” We selected this theme for our 57th Annual Recognition Ceremony because we believe that learning English gives our learners a key to open up new opportunities and achieve their goals, to make their voices heard, and to help them reach their potential of being influencers, organizers, voters, change-seekers, and change-makers; and we believe that their voice matters. Through the spirit of our work that connects our learners, partners, volunteers, and donors, we also strive to create a more integrated and equitable community.

This has been a very meaningful and productive time for LCNV. In April, we were honored to host the U.S. Department of Education‘s Assistant Secretary of the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE), who visited one of our Destination Workforce® courses and allowed us to give voice to the challenges and promise of adult education for the most beginning level learners. Our summer classes kicked off in June and are as busy as ever. Seeing the commitment of our learners to make it to class during these long summer days when seasonal employment opportunities peak only motivates us to do everything we can to make language learning accessible. Our collaboration with similar organizations across the east coast in Team World Ed hopes to do just that by getting mobile English instruction into the hands of everyone who it may benefit. Just earlier this month, Dr. Carole Bausell, our Director of Academic and Student Affairs, and Xavier Muñoz, our Faculty Support Manager, led presentations at this year’s Virginia Adult Education and Literacy Conference (VAELC) in Roanoke. I hope you enjoy reading about all these and more in our Summer newsletter.

This summer, we are as inspired as ever to see the confidence, value, and possibilities discovered when our students realize the power of their voices, and we thank you for the impact of your voice in supporting our mission.



Roopal Mehta Saran,

Executive Director of LCNV