“The most important thing to me is success. English helps me to achieve success.”

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It’s been a while since we shared an essay from one of our students! If you didn’t already know, LCNV’s 2020 Annual Recognition Ceremony Program Book has been published – in this document, we shout out our biggest achievements and give thanks to the community, recognize excellent teachers and students, and most importantly, we share essays written by our students! Here is a sample, you can read the first essay in the book, written by Sajida about success:


The most important thing to me is success. It’s a thing I must have. Success can mean a lot of things to different people.

English language plays an important role in our lives because it makes possible communication between different countries as the only common language across the globe.

English helps us to have more opportunities in life – first of all our careers.

It is most widely used in communicating around the world. Also it is spoken as the first language in many countries. English is playing a major role in many [sectors] like education, medicine, engineering and business. There are many reasons that make English the most important language in the world.

The light of the world, the beacon in the dark and the hope that gives us strength to survive is our teacher. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society.

I am very lucky to have been with LCNV. Now I feel very happy because I am improving my pronunciation skills.

LCNV is a place of inclusiveness and improvements. There are many kinds of teachers and workers. Everyone is very nice.


At LCNV, we are dedicated in helping our students to get involved in their community via the power of English literacy. If you believe in our cause, please consider volunteering with us or make a donation. For more essays written by our students, please read LCNV’s 2020 Annual Recognition Ceremony Program Book!